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Memphis Symphony Orchestra
The University of Memphis
Newport Hall
610 Goodman Street
Memphis, TN 38152 

(901) 537-2500

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 “Being on stage really brought it home for me.  Now when I go to work, I realize it is ‘show time.’
You are only as good as your last performance, so make every work day productive.” 

Here's what people are saying about Leading From Every Chair®:

“I see people having an opportunity to sit in an environment outside of the workplace
and look at their leadership and how they function in the workplace through a different lens.”
– HR Executive, Fortune 100 Company

“That was an ‘aha’ moment for me that people understand, ‘I know my role—not only as an individual,
but I know my role within my team, and then I know my role within the entire organization.”
– Director, Fortune 100 Company

“Very well organized. The day passed so quickly. Everyone has a role and as long as we’re marching
in the same direction and all have the same vision, we can achieve great things.”
– Manager, Fortune 100 Company

“What I saw was the lights going on around my teammates…on what they could do better in the workplace
and also what we could do to improve the culture in our work environment.”
– Director, Fortune 100 Company

“The Memphis Symphony has given me inspiration to be a better leader, a better person.”
– Director, Fortune 100 Company

For more information on scheduling Leading From Every Chair® for your team,
contact Memphis Symphony at (901) 537-2500 or at
We look forward to speaking with you about how Leading From Every Chair®
can help your company accomplish its professional development goals.    

Other comments:

“This was a first. Other leadership programs spend countless hours in a chair with someone talking…at you.”
“Inspirational, creative, collaborative.”
“I was challenged by each individual’s commitment to personal excellence.”
“It is a once in a lifetime experience.  Who knew that music could open the leader within.”
“We all walked away…saying WOW…not what I expected, but it works.”
“I am a leader in my own performance and a contributor to the team.”
“This was the best leadership training that I have participated in …ever.  I have been in the workforce for 30 years.”



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Administration (901) 537-2500
Fax (901) 537-2550

Memphis Symphony Orchestra
The University of Memphis
610 Goodman Street Memphis, TN 38152 | MAP IT


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